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22 December, 2006

The Return Of S&G

Yeah, I know - it's been a long time since I've done one of these. Mark it up to apathy.

So Grand Wizard David Duke was in Iran for the symposium on whether or not the holocaust ever took place. Yep, he'd be a real expert on that one. Can someone please explain to my why he or Ramsay Clark should ever be allowed back in this country?

I saw earlier this week where a woman was arrested for the abuse of her 22 year old mentally retarded daughter. When the arrest took place, the daughter weighed 43 pounds. Shit - her bones should weigh that much. It's a shame the mother was only charged with abuse and not attempted murder. If anyone is deserving of public hanging, she'd have to be the one.

And of course, the basketball season wouldn't be complete without an all-in brawl that spilled into the stands, endangering the fans. The majority of those involved got all of a one game suspension. Yeah - that'll teach them!

And John Kerry has decided to visit the troops in Iraq. That should be one of the high points of his career after his "joke" about how if you don't study hard that's where you'll end up. I bet the troops really appreciated that and can't wait to have a chat with this dickwad.

Hamas fighters are being killed. Fatah murderers are being killed. And for once the Israelis aren't involved - they're doing it to themselves. Since they're still more than enough of both factions left, it's obvious they're just not trying hard enough.

Finally, you know how the word "Crusade" sends Muslim panties in a wad? Maybe they forgot that in the first Crusade, when Jerusalem fell, there were as many Christians and Jews killed as Muslims - and just who was it that won the Crusades? I seem to remember the name Saladin.

And for those who aren't aware of this little fact, when Mohammad and his initial group of followers headed north to "spread" Islam, they were more interested in real estate than converts. The "convert or die" method was the norm until the Muslims had already moved north thru Syria, headed west thru Egypt and were halfway across Africa before they actively recruited converts.


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