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15 November, 2006

Back To Politics

I've been staying away from politics for the last several months because I finally got to the point where I didn't give a pinch of shit for any of them. A couple of things I heard yesterday just yanked my chain though.

The San Francisco Board of Education was scheduled to vote last night on a plan to cancel Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps classes in city high schools. Board members say they want to end the city's 90-year relationship with the program because the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays does not belong in public schools. I've not as yet been able to find out what the result of that vote was, but I can take a guess.

There are 1,600 San Francisco students enrolled in the JROTC programs in seven high schools and they earn physical education credits for the military training they receive. The board plans to hire additional P.E. teachers to replace the 15 retired military officers who run the program.

Last year the San Francisco school board passed a measure opposing military recruiting on campus.

And if I EVER hear of one cent of Government money going to ANY of those schools, it might be time to get some friends and Semtex and take care of those schools for them.

Meanwhile -- The United Nations has published a children's book promoting fears of global catastrophe brought on by manmade global warming. The book follows a fictional boy in an arctic village who receives dire warnings from talking animals and a "sea mother" goddess.

A polar bear tells the boy that his friends have starved because thinning ice keeps them from hunting. A whale says natural disasters will get harsher. I guess the whales are in trouble because there's too much water - God only knows.

And the "sea mother" blames "rich countries" that "use and waste an awful lot of energy." The boy eventually becomes upset and screams, "our world is melting!"

Now this conference which is releasing this book is in Kenya, and convenietly ignores the fact that India, China and Russia and it's satellite countries each pump out more crap into the atmosphere than the U.S. could on it's best day.

They're starting to piss me off again. Just wait for Pelosi and Muthafukka, er, I mean Murtha, get togetherr.


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