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07 September, 2005

Some News?

First, the positive - She Who Must Be Obeyed had an endoscope yesterday, and the ulcer that blew out is healing nicely, although scar tissue might be a problem in the future.

As for the rest - I hear there's been a storm in the Gulf Coast, some judge died and some airplanes decided to emulate mortar rounds. If you looked really hard, tho, you could find that the US troops turned the city of Najaf over to the Iraqi forces. When you consider that Najaf is a really major religious center, that's really a bigger deal that it first appears to be.

Has anything else happened in the last week?

One thing I forgot - do ya think anyone plans on doing some fishing in Lake Pontchartrain in the near future??

Oh - Nancy Katrinavich Pelosi (Communist, San Francisco) is running true to form - she DEMANDS that the head of FEMA be fired and possibly the head of Homeland Security. This after calling for investigations to prove that Bush deliberately withheld aid to the Gulf because they're just poor and Black and wouldn't vote Republican anyway.

Just out of curiousity, has anyone heard of anything positive from her - such as a donation or offer of help for those hammered by this? Or is that just supposed to come from the federal government, since the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana are both Dems?

A rhetorical question, right?


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