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15 January, 2005

Just Thinkin'

* It was nice to see that the judge yesterday decided that Michael Newdow can’t impose his religious beliefs on the President. A refreshing change.

* Speaking of the Inauguration, people are throwing a fit because it’s going to bring jobs and income to the D.C. area. First they were saying that the $40 mil. should go to Tsunami relief. Now they’re saying that the DoD needs the money (yeah, right). Why not send the money to:

- Social Security – that’d make a real difference, huh?
- Homeland Security
- Border Patrol
- Education
- Mudslide victims

In fact, let’s set up a rule that allows us to tell EVERYONE how they have to spend their money! We could call the place the Union of United Soviet States!

* Spec. Graner was convicted at his Courts Martial yesterday. Since the Communist Wing of the Democratic Party keeps insisting that Iraq is the new VietNam, does this make Graner the new Lt Calley?

* The American media is upset that Prince Harry wears a costume to a costume party. They still don’t understand that the British tabloids would print the floatability of the Royal’s shit if they could get a peek. Americans in general don’t understand the way the Brits feel about the Royal Family – hell, if one of them farts, half the country lines up for a whiff, while Scotland and Wales try to use it as justification for independence.

* I’ve been noticing St. Joseph’s Aspirin ads recently. I seem to remember how their children’s aspirin was forced off the market because kids liked the orange taste (Boy Wonder got his stomach pumped for eating a bottle of them once). Now you have childrens painkillers in cherry, grape and bubble gum - and it comes in handy liquid form so that the kiddies can chug a whole bottle.

* I also love seeing the ads for hip and knee replacement parts. Makes me want to rush out right now and shop for a doctor willing to stick them into me - whether I need them or not!

* Finally, once again Bubba Clintoon is being floated (for what floats, see Prince Harry article above) for Secretary General of the UN – as if things aren’t bad enough with Coffee Anus. You think the UN troops around the world are setting up sex camps now? Wait until you see the organization Bubba could bring to them!

As president, Clintoon proved he couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery, so the changeover would be seamless.

* Oh, and I turned 54 yesterday (deep sigh). The really nice thing about it is that it beats the shit out of the alternative. The down side is that my wonderful chillens got together on a gift for me - a pair of ass-padded undies for those underendowed in the "Baby Got Back" department.

The funerals for both of them will be held later in the week, and in lieu of flowers just send me the cash.


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