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13 January, 2005

Am I The Only One?

Am I the only independent blogger out here?

By reading the reports at MSNBC, CNN and other sites, I get the impression that all us bloggers have formed one big Conservative Cabal for the sole purpose of denigrating Democrats in general and Liberals in particular.

I announced from the beginning that my views are conservative on some issues, liberal on others and on the fence on some. I am not affiliated with any group - be it bloggers or political.

I've been reading the news and opinion pieces about CBS across the spectrum from Coulter to Alterman. Most of them seem to agree that the documents were forged (Alterman is on his own planet). That's pretty much where any agreement ends. No where in the ABCNBCCNNMSNBC is there any word of a political axe to grind on the part of Mapes. To admit to that would lead to their own demise.

If these media outlets were to examine their reporting going back as far as the 70's for each election (both on and off year) and tallied their on air (or in print) stories for each candidate (both positive and negative), I think the results would scream their hypocracy to them.

The saddest part of their refusal to honestly examine themselves is that by default they are handing the news media over to Fox and the bloggers. There needs to be a balance to this but those at CBS, NBC, ABC and the others will continue to broadcast to Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and parts of Chicago. The major newspapers from those cities have also become a giggle due to their outrageous partisanship. They aren't going to leave, but their market shares will be comparable with what most Cable show market shares were a few years ago.

That's it. The only thing I have left to say is, "Where can I join that Conservative Cabal, and how much does it pay?"


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