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14 October, 2004

A Random Thrashing of Brain Cells

Just out of curiosity, is there anyone out there who thinks that Europe as it currently exists would look anything like it does without American “interference”?

How about pre Lend Lease, where FDR pretty much single-handedly helped Great Britain to defend itself prior to our entry into WWII?

Speaking of which, without that entry into the war, would France still be ruled by the Vichy? Or would it – and the rest of Europe – been absorbed into a Greater Germany?

What about the massive aid that was sent to the Stalinist USSR during the war? Would sheer weight of numbers alone been enough to see them through to Berlin?

Then, of course, we had the Marshall Plan. And would a Western Berlin even had made it out of the decade of the 40’s without the Berlin Airlift? The Soviet Union tried its hardest to starve them into submission.

And, of course how about American protection of Western Europe throughout the Cold War period? Would the Warsaw Pact nations have withheld their tanks without us being there?

Post-1989 and the fall of Communism is another period where anarchy would have quite possibly ruled without the guidance and assistance of the U.S. and its various AID agencies.

Ever since the United States helped “Le Grande Charles” DeGaulle back into France, he went out of his way to denigrate everything to do with America – from our culture to our membership in NATO. He particularly detested our part in a peaceful resolution to the Suez Crisis.

For many years the English Labour Party has voiced their hatred of America at every opportunity. Even Germany, whose very existence was guaranteed by the presence of our troops, has in recent years been strongly against anything American – except, of course, the American dollars being spent there by the redundant American military forces.

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I think that, over at least the past 70 years, the map of Europe would look very different indeed without U.S. intervention. And it definitely would not be the one that the EU would like you to believe it would be.


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