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08 October, 2004

The Dufflebag Report

Head 'em up and Move 'em out! Nothing to see here.

Since the 'talking heads' are concentrating so hard on one section of the Duffler Report, I guess we should release Saddam from custody, right?

I mean, the fact that he had these weapons in the past, we can prove that he had them, we can prove that he used them - not once but several times; well, that's all ancient history. He had a change of heart and got rid of all thise biological and chemical weapons just because he's really such a good guy.

Of course, there's more to that report. Something about oil and food and palaces and France and Russia and the United Nations.

But we don't really need to know about that, do we? I'm sure that President Kerry will sort all that misunderstanding out with his asshole buddies in Old Europe.


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