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07 October, 2004

Mikey Moore's Pissed Off - Again

I was just watching the local news when I set a new record for coffee launching via the proboscis.

It seems that Mikey is having a hissy fit because the government isn't going to let him buy votes. I mean, it's not like Mikey is actually going to dip into his own money! He just wants to give out free underwear and food in exchange for votes.

His reasoning? Those dirty, mean-spirited Republicans are giving out "assualt weapons" or letting them into the voting booths, or something.

Besides, he only wants to buy the votes in Michigan - it's not like it was Florida or anything!

Keep thinking those happy thoughts, Mikey - and it's the Second star to the right and straight on until morning.

Laughing that hard makes my back hurt!


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