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07 October, 2004

Just My Opinion

Like many of you out there, I'm getting tired of the situation in Iraq. Maybe it's because I watched too much TV as a child. Maybe I had undiagnosed ADD as a child. Whatever the reason, I find my attention span shortening each day.

It's not the fighting that I'm tired of. It's not the barbarism of the "insurgents" or the flood of Jihidists. It's not even seeing some of our best and bravest coming home in aluminum.

What I'm really tired of is that the fighting taking place in Iraq (other than a few snipers or other crazies) is limited to a few small areas of the country where the bad guys have managed to alienate everyone else in the area to the point that intelligence about these bad guys is now flowing in to our troops; yet according to the Democrats and their official organs (DNC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc) the entire nation is on fire and anyone who thinks differently - including Prime Minister Allawi - is delusional. Smoking sumpin'. Into the mushrooms.

They pull out statements made by Bremer - over a year ago - and say that they reflect the reality right now. They point to statements made by our generals - and the same generals say that they never made such statements. You'd think the Dems would have a tape recording or something, wouldn't you?

I can't remember any of the Donks interviewing anyone under the rank of SgtMaj (other than Lyndie England) to ask their opinion of why we're there, what we're doing (military and humanitarian), how we're doing it and what their views are. Oliver North has done just such interviews and they have been a real eye-opener for some folks. Of course, others automatically brush that off claiming that the troops will say what they're told to say.

Bullshit. The troops can't give operational data and they can't get into politics, but there's no leash on them otherwise. Been There, Done That.

Right now there are only a couple of areas in Iraq where the terrorists have dug in tight, and they are being removed - on foot if possible, in a bag if necessary.

The Iraqis are winning control of their own country. In many operations they are now taking the lead - and not as 'canon fodder' but as trained troops who know the terrain and the people. Americans and the rest of the Coalition has started to take more of a back-up role but still supplying more than enough fighters, guns, logistics and communications.

Yep, I'm really tired of this. Tired of Kerry and Edwards and the alphabet news distorting or hiding the truth from the American people.

If you want reporting on some REAL terrorism, why not ask Teddy Kennedy how much money has gone from him and his supporters to the Provisional IRA for more car bombs?


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