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07 October, 2004

On Australia's Vote

Before I put anything else down here, there are 2 things to bring to your attention. Remember, John Howard is the sitting Prime Minister, while Mark Latham is the Leader of the Opposition and is running for Howard's position.

First, for the first time in it's history, the Sydney Morning Herald, about the most prestegious and influencial newspaper in the country, has decided that, from this day on, they will no longer endorse any candidates or parties. They do this so that their claim of impartiality can be seen to be more than just words.

Secondly, if you go to the site http://www.australianpolitics.com/ you will see access to full explanations of how Australians vote, how the government is formed, the Constitution and much, much more. For anyone with more than a passing interest as to how the Australian government functions, this site in invaluable.

Now, the election is one day away. Let's see what we have.

- The Greens Party want hardened criminals to receive up to $500 a week for the piecemeal work they do behind bars. The radical party is also pushing for longer conjugal visits (2-3 days!) and voting rights for all prisoners.

- IRAQ and the Middle East were now better off and the Government stood resolutely by its decision to join the US-led coalition to depose Saddam Hussein John Howard declared yesterday. Mr Howard said he was not "in any way apologetic" about being involved in the military campaign to remove Saddam Hussein.

- MARK Latham yesterday pledged to return unemployment rates to the level of the '50s - below 5 per cent.The Labor Leader didn't set a time limit but said the unemployed would be made "job ready and job hungry". Mr Latham also acknowledged his program to rip $29 billion in savings from the Budget would cost jobs.

Since it's now Friday there, this will be the last of this little series until the final vote is known. The results of this election could be critical to the United States and the future of any possible war against terrorism.


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