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06 August, 2004

Where's the Outrage?

There has been a story out of Florida this week that I would have thought would have the average American up in arms. Instead, the coverage I've seen of it seems to be treating it as a "human interest" - type of story.

I presume that most, if not all of you have heard of the woman who was fired from her job because her lunch was "unclean". Her employer, a Muslim, claims to be open and tolerant of all religions and that religious differences make no difference in his company. But in the next breath he can't understand what the problem is. He fired someone because she didn't subscribe to HIS RELIGION'S DIETARY LAWS. He also said that this is company policy - but it is not written down with the rest of the company policies.

Now, any one out there who runs their own company - single proprietor, small bushiness, large corporation, whatever. Picture what would happen if YOU were to fire a Muslim because, while you are tolerant of all religious, this person took work time to pray?

Our national Short Attention Span Syndrome is going to cause the United States to disappear. Our open borders allow anyone to enter this country illegally. In many legal jurisdictions law enforcement is prohibited from arresting illegals. I presume that the people and weapons are already in place here so that, at a given signal, thousands if not millions of our citizens will die; major cities will be destroyed and Congress will convene another panel to figure out how President Bush screwed the pooch.

Our national interests are in our hands, no one else's. Too many countries around the world will not shed a tear when we get bombed back to "the stone age". Portable nuclear weapons are fact, not fiction. Our utility infrastructures for our cities - electricity, water, gas - are only minimally guarded and then in too many cases by low-end employees with little education, little training and less dedication to their job.

Do you have any idea how much I hope I'm wrong about all of this? Yet it takes very little imagination to arrive at this point as a direct extrapolation from "unclean" lunch.


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