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25 August, 2004

An Attitude After My Own Heart

After taking most of today off as a Mental Health Day, I ran across the latest Charlie Daniels Soapbox about all those wonderful Blame America Firsters and thought you'd appreciate it.

August 23, 2004

America The Horrible

You know I think that there are people who sit around all day and think up ways of blaming everything in the world on the United States of America.

It gets to the point of being silly. There is a conspiracy theory about just about everything you can think of.

Remember the Elvis sightings?

If I really thought that the U.S.A. was guilty of all the things it gets accused of by some of its own citizens, I would pack up and find me some other place to live.

In fact, since some of these people are so convinced that America is the evil monster they claim it to be, I can’t understand why they don’t do just that.

After all, according to them, the system is beyond repair and themischief has been going on so long and it is so firmly ingrained in American policy that all hope is gone.

America is a monolithic, evil, greedy, heartless, monopolistic,uncaring, devious, crooked, irredeemable, domineering, thieving,throat cutting, disloyal, arrogant, gluttonous, power seeking,back stabbing, callous, cold hearted, rotten, misguided, non compassionate, murdering, land grabbing, bloodthirsty,dishonest, mindless, lying, cheating, truth suppressing,claimjumping, backshooting, ozone depleting, snail darter killing, spotted owl destroying, slime slobbering monster whichhas only survived two hundred and twenty eight years and become the world’s only super power by sheer luck and treating the rest of the world like inferiors.

Oh save us John Kerry, get us all visas so we can move to France and champion the causes of the exploding Muslim population there and leave behind this despicable place called the United States of America.

I’ve got an idea, let’s take this whole thing to the United Nations, they can pass a resolution.
Why is it so important to some people to paint the greatest nation the world has ever known as

being responsible for so much of the world’s woes?

I personally think that some of them spend way too much time on the internet. You can find just about anything you want to on the World Wide Web. You can always find somebody to agree with you.

But don’t count me among them, I am American, red white and bluethrough and through, American born, American bred and when I die I’ll be American dead.

I don’t have a problem with people who want to change this country, that’s their right, but wanting to tear it down and blame all the blood that was shed by innocent people on 9-11 on America or any American is way beyond the pale.

Are you listening Michael Moore?

You can and should leave America if you feel so inclined but as for me, I’ll take the United States of America and when I have to leave it I want to go to Heaven. It’s the only better place I know of.

Pray for our troops.
What do you think?
God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Copyright © 2004 Charlie DanielsAll rights under copyright reserved. Used by permission.


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