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17 September, 2008

Boy, Am I Confused!

So – Obamessiah is going to cut taxes for the “Middle Class”. Did you know that his definition of “Middle Class” is those making between $30,000 - $200,000 a year? $30,000 is "Middle Class"? $200,000 is "Middle Class"? Besides raising the taxes on the top earners – the ones who are providing the jobs – he also plans on raising taxes on businesses. Does anyone seriously think that the businesses are going to eat that increase and not pass it on to the consumer, effectively cancelling out the supposed tax break?

And two of Obamessiah’s programs are universal health care and alternative energy. Where is the money for these programs going to come from?

Yeah, I know: everything, up to and including the bombing of Hiroshima, is the fault of Bush. But what did Clinton do about alternative energy? And, other than Hillary’s fiasco, what did he do about health care?

Now Obamessiah isn’t going to be allowed out of his cage without a teleprompter, since several videos have surfaced showing him trying to think on his feet. No wonder he doesn’t want a Town Hall style debate! And it’s going to make the other debates interesting if he has to have his teleprompter. Watching him trying to ad lib has shown me that the man is absolutely clueless. Unless his every word is scripted Obamessiah is completely lost.

People are screaming that as a nation, we can’t afford to have an inexperienced, unqualified political tyro one heartbeat from the Oval Office. I guess we need an inexperienced, unqualified political tyro IN the Oval Office!

And now for something completely different.

Can someone define biofuel for me? Last I looked, coal and petroleum were biofuels, just not manufactured this week.

Biodiesel relies on the filtering of the oils from restaurants – lots of filtering. This process throws pollutants into the atmosphere. And converting crops such as corn into ethanol does the same. Somehow, that part of the process is conveniently ignored.

And a few questions I have. With both wind and solar power, what are the storage systems like for that energy to cover the periods when there’s no wind or no sun? How long will that last before everything goes dark? And, using Teddy Kennedy as an example, who didn’t want any windmills within sight of where he goes yachting, what is the NIMBY effect going to be of having acres upon acres of windmills or solar panels in your neighborhood?


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