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08 September, 2005

A Spanner in the Works

The situation on the South Coast reminds me of another disaster. In 1666, the city of London went up in flames, destroying the entire center of the city.

After the flames had been quenched, architects such as Christopher Wren came to King Charles II with plans to make downtown London a showplace to rival any European city. I've seen some of these plans, and it would have been magnificent. There was just one problem. It was called property rights, and the King's purse wasn't flush enough to buy out all those involved. As a result, London regrew to what you see today.

Fast forward to New Orleans. I have heard some people saying how they're going to re-build the city bigger and better than ever. The same problem still applies, but unfortunately they might be able to do just that.

If they do, the former residents can send a thank you note to the Supreme Court.