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09 August, 2005

Whip Me! Beat Me!!

This garbage going on in New York about the teacher in the Catholic school who got the kids booze and then "RAPED" them - I got a problem with that. (I know - what a f'kin surprise!)

It's now coming out that after she got the kids the booze they blackmailed her into the sex. That sounds about as stupid as anything else in this case.

Has it occured to anyone that it's pretty much a physical impossibility for a woman to "rape" a male - at least if it doesn't involve anal penetration of the male? Unless she came equipped (cheap pun, I know) with some Popsicle sticks and duct tape, there has to be some cooperation here, doesn't it?

My senior year English teacher was just out of college - now she could have had my undivided attention! Damn, but I hate being an old fart!


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