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01 April, 2005

A Really Shitty Day

Here it is, after 2000hrs and I've just turned on the computer. This has definitely been a day to forget.

The Pope most likely won't make it through the night. Sandy Berger gets a slap on his pee pee for deliberately stealing and destroying classified material. The Intelligence panel report comes out and says our intel assets suck - but we already knew that, thanks to Billary.

Top that off with me getting fitted for a leg brace that looks like one of the old polio jobs, and my youngest granddaughter being taken for her court-ordered visit with The Wicked Bitch Of The North - Boy Wonder's former insignificant other who now lives in Ohio. The poor kid cries every time she has to go.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back to my nasty, curmudgeonly self. Right now I'm going to listen to the Three Kings (Albert, B.B. and Freddie) at about a volume of Warp Factor 12 and read Eeyore's Gloomy Little Instruction Book.


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