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15 January, 2005

To Serve And Protect?

I just know I’m going to end up in the shit for this one.

When I was a cop in Australia, and we’re going back a while here, most of the cops I knew put all their property in their wife’s name. This was done so that when the court system turned some piece of shit loose and he sued you, they couldn’t give him your house.

Do you think I’m joking? Do you think that’s an exaggeration? No Fucking Way. I was only on the streets for about 4 of my 7 ½ years on the job there, but the legal system was as bad as it is here in the United States.

In one way or another, She Who Must Be Obeyed and I have associated with police in many places around this great nation and overseas, and it’s pretty much standard now that the cops - of all races and ethnic backgrounds- are marking time, waiting for the day they can retire. And they have very good reasons for that.

Whenever a Black or Hispanic is pulled over for an offence (or is arrested somewhere,) in approximately 75% of the time the officer is facing a very real threat of being accused of racism. It doesn’t matter whether the person committed an offence or not, it’s the police officers that has to defend themselves in a court.

It’s an indisputable truth that our legal system is a joke. Between activist judges, vague laws and DA’s that make Heckle & Jeckle look like Harvard grads, our street cops don’t stand a chance. And I’m not just talking about white officers here - ALL of them, male, female, Black, Asian, whatever.

Should you happen to get pulled over for something in the future, please look at it this way: Whether you are guilty or not, think of it as payback for the number of times you got away with murder, and keep in mind that the cop standing there by you has to eat an incredible amount of shit every day and can still be polite and respectful to you (in most cases).

That cop is just putting in his (or her) 8 hours so they can go home to their families. Don’t just see the damn uniform, OK?


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