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27 September, 2004

John Kerry Plays With Numbers - Bad Idea!

"Military Madness is killing my Country" Sorry - just some old CSN&Y, folks!

John Kerry says we’re not retaining troops. We’re not attracting new recruits. The military today is running out of fighters. Bush is secretly planning on starting up the draft.

Kerry also said that he will start pulling troops out of Iraq by the end of June, with all to be home by 2008.

Yet Kerry is now saying that he’ll send an additional two divisions to Iraq! Where are these troops to appear from?

If they are to be ours, they have to be recruited, then you have an absolute minimum lead time of 9 months to get them trained (unless he just wants canon fodder), and of course no 17 year olds can go overseas. And, since Kerry voted against every single weapons system to go before the Senate, what’s he going to arm them with? If they are to come from some other unspecified country, who? Who even has that number of troops to send? And who will be the commander, not just of these additional troops, but in overall command?

This is sounding suspiciously like “Hey, Rocky – watch me pull some numbers out of my ass”

Side Bar One - referring to Afghanistan, how many people out there know just who the troops are that we have over there? Here’s a hint – it ain’t Gomer Pyle. These are the kind of troops you don’t advertise and you certainly don’t tell anyone without a need to know where they are, what they’re up to and where they’re heading from there.

Side Bar Two – since the end of the major combat phase, can anyone remember any use of ground-to-air missiles against our aircraft? Or any T-72s being used? Mortars, RPGs and ground fire, certainly, but I’m pretty sure that’s been about it. Let me know if I missed anything during the last couple of weeks in NeverLand (no, not that one!)

Side Bar Three – since the terrorists are pouring into Iraq, now we know where most of the pricks are – makes it easier to kill the bastards, doesn’t it? Sounds like a pretty handy strategy to me.


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