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26 September, 2004

Does Anyone REALLY Care Anymore?

Other than the families who have lost loved ones? I mean, according to Kerry, Patrick Tillman should still be alive, because he thinks we pulled all our troops out of Afghanistan, right? Shipped them all over to Iraq, right?

When the President said that Major Combat Operations in Iraq have ended, he was speaking the truth. Unfortunately, too many on the Left didn't have any real-life experience to know what that meant. Did it mean that all fighting was over? Not likely! Did it mean that everyone in Iraq would blow us kisses? That’ll happen!

What the President said was that Major Combat Operations – uniformed force against uniformed force, with military command and control structures – was over. If there have been any such battles since then, a lot of us must have slept through them.

Since that time, small bands of guerrillas have been planting car bombs and either sniping or beheading innocents at a rate of 2 – 3 a day. Is that acceptable? Of course not, but that is the nature of the fight facing us.

In Fallujah and al Sadr City, the situation resembles Hue during that infamous Tet “offensive” in Viet Nam only as much as Rome appeared to Alaric or Berlin appeared to the Soviets in April, 1945. The worst possible situation a commander can find himself would obviously be Custer’s, but next on the list would have to be going door-to-door in built-up areas. The Bad Guys aren’t wearing any neon signs, and they are only a small percentage of those Bad Guys in the cities when compared to the local residents.

More troops can’t help that situation. The one thing that can help is more and better intel, and as the Iraqis learn to trust us more than they fear the foreigners trying to destroy them, then that intel is really flowing.

The only use I can see for more troops would be if we were to turn those towns into parking lots and indiscriminately kill everyone there. It seems that Kerry is also pushing for more of our “allies” to send troops so their men and women can die instead of ours.

Has everyone forgotten when France pulled out of NATO? Does anyone honestly think of ANY situation that would bring them, Germany or Canada into the fight?

Aw, screw it – I’ve been sitting too long again, and other than getting a chance to vent occasionally, who really cares?

FoxNews has a good article listing why Iraq is Guadalcanal, not Viet Nam. Well presented.


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