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17 September, 2004


The following letter was written to Sgt Grit. This is one of a couple of newsletter run from the site www.grunt.com. If you're a Marine or Former Marine and don't know about this site you should!

Sgt Grit has a shop where you can get almost anything related to Marines, including letters like this:


My son, Lcpl Fisel, is with Fox Co. 2/1 currently serving
north of Fallujah. As I'm sure everyone knows, the Marines
took a devastating hit Labor Day weekend when seven Marines
were killed when a suicide bomber hit their convoy. Of
course I immediately emailed my son hoping and praying that
I would get a response. I did (thank God) but it made my
heart break.

This is what he replied: "I'm fine, but I lost
7 of my best friends... The truck that was hit was a seven
ton, not hummers. 7 of my best friends were killed..... I
talked to them 20 mins earlier too. I was in the truck right
behind the one that got hit. I saw everything. 7 of my friends
were mutilated... I couldn't even recognize them.
Body parts and sh*t everywhere......F**k this place.
I'm fine. I'm just a little p!ssed, and I need some time
to try and get over this, although I don't think I'm going
to be able to. Well, I'm going to go. I'll talk to you later love you adam"

As much as I want my son and all the others who are going thru
the horrible events of war to come home, I know we (the USA)
have to stay and finish what we started. I am sooooo proud of
my son and all the other brave men and women who are in the
military (regardless of what branch although of course everyone
knows the Marines are the best of the best!) and my heart goes
out to the families, friends, and fellow comrades of those who
are suffering because of death or injury. I know first hand
the effects of receiving the dreaded phone call advising that
a loved one has been injured because my son and several other
Marines were wounded on 3/26/04 when their platoon was ambushed
and a fellow Marine was killed. So to all of you reading this
newsletter, please support ALL of our troops with your
thoughts and prayers for a safe return home!

M. Sheffield, very proud mother of a Marine.


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