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31 August, 2004

Is Poor Zell Insane??

I was just reading the Winston Salem Urinal, when I came across what appears to be presented as a "news" story - not an OpEd - om page A7.

This story, from the Associated Press but with no other byline is headlined "Sen. Zell Miller Speaks His Mind"

The very first line of the article is: "Has Zell Miller lost his mind?"

Now, the OpEd section of the Urinal today is on pages A10 and A11, so maybe they got confused? No, I don't think so. The "story" goes on to say how over the years Miller doesn't act like a Democrat because he's been seen (gasp) working with Republicans and (oh, the horror) voting with them.

There is no mention in the "article" that, just maybe, Sen. Miller might actually be representing the people that elected him, and instead of being a Democratic party zombie, he actually voted his conscience and the way his constituents wanted?

I have searched the online of the Urinal (www.journalnow.com) and the AP web site without finding this article.

I wonder why?

* * * UPDATE * * * * * * UPDATE * * *

This article has shown up on FoxNews.com - here's the link to it. And this is supposed to be a HARD NEWS story?


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