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18 February, 2008

NASCAR? Too Mnay Letters

Isn't it about time they took the "SC for Stock Car" out of NASCAR? I know I'm an old fart, but I can remember when the car bodies matched what was in the showrooms.

Yesterday started their season at Daytona, and I have to admit that for quite a long time I've watched the races (I guess I was a Redneck before I moved to the South). But it's getting to the point of why bother?

You now have cookie-cutter cars whose "manufacturer" is only identifable by the grill decal on the front. Chevy, Toyta, Dodge - the only real difference I can see in any of them is who made the original engine block before the fabricators got hold of it.

And now you have mostly cookie-cutter race tracks - 1 1/2 mile tri-ovals that have popped up all over the place. Two tracks in North Carolina have been closed (North Wilkesboro and Rockingham) while they've moved multiple races to California, Texas and who knows where else.

Over the last couple of years, NASCAR's TV ratings have been slowly eroding and not all races are sell-outs.

I guess because of political correctness (or a business decision by RJR) they dropped Winston, the series sponsor who, for over 25 years helped build NASCAR into what it had become. Then they became the Nextel Cup and now the Sprint Cup - but when a car sponsor changed to AT&T they took them to court to try and prevent the sponsor from marking the car.

So now it's the Sprint Cup. Shouldn't that mean they drive on 1/4 mile dirt tracks?


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