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15 February, 2008

S&G - Fonda Admits She's A .......

On yesterday's "Today Show", Hanoi Jane was talking about her role in that idiotic play "The Vagina Diaries" when she dropped the "C" word (think Country). Sorry, but there's some words that even I won't use on this page. If we were to need any more evidence that one of Time's "Women of the Century" was a complete waste of oxygen, she couldn't have done a better job - unless she picked up her AK-47 and started removing the staff of that show.

Speaking of weapons, another school shooting took place, this time close to my old stomping grounds. With a shotgun and pistol some deranged piece of rancid feces got on a lecture room stage at Northern Illinois and started blasting away, killing five so far, until he blew himself away. At least he saved the prison system a bunch of cash.

It's nice to see that the Chinese are staying consistent. After putting lead paint on the toys they shipped to us, now they've shipped some medicines to Panama that contained anti-freeze and brake fluid among other ingredients. So far between 120 - 300 have died. Way to go, Communist quality control!

Syria claims that they're going to sue the United States because Israel attacked Hezbollah in 2006. Does that mean we can sue the Russians and everyone else who've supplied Syria with it's weapons?

President Bush, getting ready for a trip to Africa, is saying that the African countries should be partners in overcoming violence and poverty - especially with the amount of our tax dollars going over there. Hey, Dubya - have you checked the bank accounts of the leaders of those countries lately?

One article I saw today that made me happy - the American College of Surgeons is calling on the government to allow the medicinal use of marijuana. Despite the DEA claims, it's been known for years that it's an appetite stimulant, helps with cataracts, and is one of the best muscle relaxants for things like back pain (I know from personal experience, but haven't used it for years - it's better than Valium). I can't see the government backing down on this, but it's nice to see such an august body come out of the closet.

Finally, for the last couple of weeks I've been wondering what ever happened to wave power as an alternative energy source. Well, today I saw an article where Florida is looking into using the Gulf Stream - just 15 miles off their coast for electrical generation. The scientists think it cound generate as much power as 10 nuke plants.

Oh - and on this date the USS Maine blew up in Havanna Harbor, leading to the start of the Spanish-American War!


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