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23 May, 2005

S&G - May the Farce be With You

I have to start with the Winston Salem Urinal today.

Vinnie da Fox is catching shit from Je$$e Jack$on about his saying that his Mexicans will take jobs "that even Blacks won't take." Not only will Vinnie not retract that idiotic bit of verbosity, but yesterday he actually said that he is "eager to work with minority groups in the United States to improve labor conditions." Well, excuse the fuck outta me! How about Vinnie worry about the way his "government" is grinding his own people into the dirt before he starts screwing around in any other nation?

For the first time in 21 years or so, a North Korean ship pulled into harbor in South Korea to pick up cargo. I just couldn't miss the aptness of this - the ship is picking up 200,000 tons of fertilizer that the South has donated to them. 200,000 tons of shit. Yep - I love it.

Meanwhile, on the OpEd pages, we have someone named Marianne Means praising Kitty Kelley for her book on Bush, noting what courage it took for Kelley. Somehow she seems to miss the point that the book is a piece of fiction, not biography, which slots it right in whth all the other "biographies" Kelley has written.

Tom Teepen has had a bellyful of all the people - especially "the White House" picking on poor Newsweek for what he says is, despite the riots, etc, "was just a garden-variety error." Seems anyone who expressed anything but praise for Newsweek are all those far right-wingers who are trying to tear down the MSM. Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it will creep, right, Tommy??

Finally for the OpEd, in today's editorial, the Urinal says that Bush enjoyed his dancing in Tbilisi that he's still dancing around his record. When he congratulated the soldiers and Marines for helping the people build their societies from the rubble - AHA! That must be nation building! No wonder America is stuck in the "Iraqi quagmire." They said it, not me!


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