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17 January, 2005

I've About Had A Gutful

There's a couple of things recently that have finally reached a boiling point with me. One is "insurgents". The other is "torture".

First, a quick definition. An insurgent is defined as "Rising in revolt against established authority, especially a government." Got it? Good.

Over 90% of the mobile shit-stains currently operating in Iraq are not insurgents. They are terrorists. These aren't Iraqis rising up - they are Saudis and Syrians and Jordanians and Iranians and every other kind of feces you can name. In some cases they are there with the blessings of their own government because their masters are scared shitless that a genuine democracy might occur in their back yard. We all know how f'kin nasty those NIMBY people can get, don't we?

Now for the second part of this spleen-clensing exercise. I am sick to death of these candy-asses out there that constantly cry that we're 'torturing' those poor terrorists. For a start, what happened at AlGraib was not torture. At best it could be considered juvenile hazing. But these people are askeered that if we mistreat the terrorists, then they might start mistreating Americans.

I have seen the results of the terrorists current methods - the remains of charred bodies hanging from a bridge and the beheadings. Personally I think it's past time for us to start using some of their own techniques against them. If a few terrorists were to be dropped off at the door to a mosque over there with their throats shashed, it might just get their attention. At least it might let them know that we're through playing with them.

Fuck'em if they can't take a joke. Correspondence will not be entered into.


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